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 General Facts about the Indian Railways

By Posted on 2 m read

Since the Industrial Revolution in the 1850’s, the boom in development of railways was massive. With advances in technology, trains grew bigger, faster, and safer. Indian Railways is the fourth most extensive railway network in the world. It has a total track size of 1121,407-kilometers. Around 49percent of the routes are powered by electricity of 25 KV of AC. Approximately 33 percent are either double or multi-tracked. Along with the Long-distance and Sub-urban routes, the Indian Railways handles the movement of more than 13000 passenger trains daily.

 The express trains and the mail trains run at an average speed of 50 kilo metros per hour. With revenue of around 29 billion US Dollars and about 1.3 million employees, the Indian Railways is the largest recruiter in the world. The system is so extensive that the Indian Government has deployed a separate budget called the Railway Budget for Indian Railways. Gone are the days when you had to go to the station and stand in long queues to buy tickets. There are many web platforms and apps where you can make your train reservation with ease. This ensures you save your precious time and makes it very simple to book tickets. Some of the essential facts you must know while using the services of the Indian Railways are-

  1. Arrive at least 15 minutes before your train leaves the station. Enquire about the platform number and arrive at the platform in time. This ensures you do not miss your train and there is no rush. You can also be frisked on the way in, which could be time-consuming.
  2. Once the train arrives, ensure you enter the correct compartment. Refer to your ticket where all the seat details and compartment details are entered. Reach your seat and make yourself comfortable. For any inquiries, you can contact the TC or the Ticket Collector who will be willing to help you.
  3. There is a pantry service available on most trains. So you could enjoy a healthy and tasty meal while traveling. The rates of the food are reasonable and fixed by the Indian Railways.
  4. When the friendly ticket collector arrives to check your ticket, present your ticket to him and he will confirm if the booking is in your name.
  5. There are restrooms available in every compartment of the train. Ensure that you do not waste water while using the restroom. Toilets are cleaned frequently and are generally in top-notch condition.
  6. The Emergency Chain – There are emergency chains placed at frequent intervals in al compartments. In case of an emergency, you must pull the chain, and the train will stop. Ensure that the emergency is genuine when you do so.
  7. Make sure you keep the compartment clean. Do not throw food or plastics on the floor of the train. Indian Railways is doing a fantastic job moving millions of people around daily. It is our job as citizens to keep the trains clean and to help the organization sustain the services to do it with ease.

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