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Guide for Canada migration

By Posted on 2 m read

Why should you migrate to Canada?

Canada is a land of immense opportunities and positive environment which offers you enough scope of growth. More and more people are now looking forward to migrate to Canada as immigration laws in the country are quite flexible. You as a Canada PR will get access to social and legal right with some exceptions.

Still, you will get ample ways to find employment and various other opportunities for the same. Canadian economy is rich and ensures you are employed with all your ease. You can look forward for this guide to find out ways to immigrate to Canada.

What is the purpose of immigration points calculator?

When you are migrating to Canada, you need to understand the significance of Canada pr visa points calculator. Your profile will get registered with the Canadian authority and it will be judged based upon your skills. Let us check what the immigration points calculator is and how scoring is done via it.

In Canada skilled immigration points calculator, there will be range of questions that are asked and your answer will make you score. When you have scored well you become eligible to apply for Canada PR.

What is visa points calculator?

You can check your score through the CRS system that is comprehensive ranking system calculator. This estimation is essential to understand how much your profile is going to score. CRS is basically a point based system through which your score can be accessed. You can get Canadian visa easily if your profile has secured good scores.

Guide for Canada migration

This calculation mechanism is also applicable in the Express entry system for Canada migration. You will be ranked based upon the points that you have secured. CRS helps in picking or slashing out the profiles which are not eligible.

What is Canada PR and its benefits?

If you acquire Canada PR then you become eligible for some benefits. You need to understand that acquiring PR in Canada doesn’t equate you to Canadian citizenship. You under Canada PR will not be entitled to all the rights given to Canadian citizens. Still, you will get an access to all the legal and social rights.

When you acquire Canada PR, you can also apply to Canadian citizenship. You can study and work in Canada and you will be given protection under the Canadian law. You also become eligible for health care coverage.

Procedure of Canada migration for skilled workers

If you are a skilled worker, you can apply under Express entry program. This program was introduced in Canada in 2015 and helps in linking you with the employers. This is a quick system therefore it also cuts down on the paperwork. Under this program it is quicker to migrate to Canada.

After you receive an invitation to apply under Canada PR, you need to fill up the form online within 90 days after receiving the application. Make sure all your documents are ready and pay up your fees too.


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