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Homes, Hotels, and Other Hospitality in the Leura Blue Mountains

Whether you are a local or a visitor, if you are travelling to the Leura Blue Mountains, you need a place to stay that is a comfortable complement to the cosiness and beauty of the Leura village. With no shortage of homes, hotels, cottages, mountain retreats, and other hospitable accommodation options, you are bound to find the perfect living arrangements that are in-line with all of your needs.

Calm and Cosy Cottages

In and around the Leura village, you will find several exceptional, multi-room cottages that typically house anywhere from 2 to 10 guests, making them perfect for couples on a getaway or a full family vacation.

  • Piccolo Miner Cottage

Designed for comfort, this cottage sits just past the Leura village and is minutes away from some of the ultimate Leura attractions, including restaurants, trails, and gardens. It has the potential to be an extremely romantic spot for couples, but the cottage also comfortably houses a small family.

  • Cottage on the Mall

With amenities in abundance, this cottage is a slightly bigger option, housing up to 6 people or 3 couples. This luxurious home is also within walking distance of Leura’s best attractions and is an excellent choice for multi-night visitors.

  • Bridal Falls Cottage

Surrounded by nature and garden views, this cottage is especially intended for couples on a romantic retreat or honeymoon. You will find everything from a swimming pool to a gym, and it’s just a short walk away from the centre of the village.

Other Small Group Locations

Leura accommodation makes it easy to escape uninspiring commercial hotels and find homes and hideaways that stylistically range from old-fashioned to modern and that are designed for both couples and families.

  • Raphael Convent

This is both a national landmark and excellent luxurious location for families of 4 members or less. Containing a full kitchen and surrounded by some of the best restaurants in town, you will have no problem indulging in all of Leura’s greatest foods.

  • Lemon Peel House

On the larger end of the spectrum, this house comes complete with 3 king size beds and spacious living areas, including an immaculate kitchen and gorgeous garden walking paths. Families would find everything they need here.

Jill’s Retreat

An extremely impressive home updated from the 1800s and able to house up 12 guests comfortably, this accommodation provides anything you could possibly desire and imagine for a dream vacation, from spa options to private chefs. Whether you have a group of 6 or 12, Jill’s Retreat is closed off to additional guests no matter your group size, so you have the place to yourself.

In addition to these personal and secluded housing options, you can obviously find a number of hotels and commercial buildings, but none of them will be able to offer the homey hospitality and one-of-a-kind experience that you will get from the various cottages and homes of the Leura village.



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