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Should Your Holiday on Norfolk Island?

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Norfolk Island is a fairly small island in the South Pacific located between Australia and New Zealand. It is part of the Commonwealth of Australia’s external territories. There are fewer than two thousand people living on the island permanently. If you are looking for a quick getaway from Australia or a trip all the way around the world, the island is a great choice. You are probably familiar with the island if you live on the mainland of Australia. The Norfolk Pine is one of the most iconic trees in the world. It is on the flag of Norfolk Island and is a popular ornamental tree.

If you are thinking of going to Norfolk Island, here are a few of the great things you could do when you are there.


The first thing to do when planning your holiday is to set up your Norfolk Island accommodation.The accommodations you choose should be the types of hotel or resort that allows you to spend your time relaxing. If you are going purely on a holiday, you want to have peace and quiet. You want ready access to beaches and swimming pools as well as quiet places to read or just enjoy a sunset. If you have to do some work while you’re on holiday, you want to have working phones and fast internet. Wi-fi is quickly becoming a priority for every resort, even on this remote island.

Cultural Influences

Norfolk Island is unique in that there was no indigenous settlement on the island at the time of British settlement. However, Polynesians had settled there previously. The culture of the island shares much with other South Pacific islands.

Swimming, fishing, and other aquatic activities are very popular. You will have a great time fishing off a pier or from the beach. You can also charter a boat to take you deep sea fishing. Furthermore, you’ll have a great time taking part in surfing or water skiing.

Norfolk Island is also unique in that many of the residents celebrate Thanksgiving.


November could be a great time to get away from locations in the Northern Hemisphere and head south where it is still warm. If you go to Norfolk Island, you will be able to experience Thanksgiving, which is largely a North American holiday. It is one of the few locations outside of that continent that celebrates it.


The cuisine of Norfolk Island is similar to the cuisine of the Pitcairn Islands, since they share a similar history. The cuisine is also mixed with typical British fare because of the settlers who populated the island. The traditional meal you will likely experience is related to the indigenous tropical plant life and is called pota. Pota is a mash made from coconut and palm leaves, both of which grow in abundance on the island.

Other plants that grow here and are featured prominently are banana trees, breadfruit, basil, and sugarcane. The major meats are pork and fish. Lastly, you might taste some American influence from American whalers who settled in the past. It is a very rich and diverse place to spend a holiday.



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