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The Golden Voyages Of India

By Posted on 2 m read

India offers a number of luxury trains to take you on a fantasy ride and give the the exotic experience of the opulent royalty of the country.

The Deccan Odyssey

This luxurious train is a full fledged 5 star hotel on wheels boasting palace like cabins, lounges, spas and multicuisine restaurants among other state-of-the-art amenities. It was inspired by the travelling style of kings and offers its voyage between the months of April to December. The train makes its way through the hinterlands of Maharashtra and the ranges of Western Ghats into the Deccan plateau and Konkan region. Navigating it’s way through the wine capital of Nashik, the majestic Ajanta and Ellora caves to Goa. Finally it makes its way toward Gujarat and it’s Little Rann of Kutch though the capital of New Delhi and Agra. This lifetime experience costs around 4 lakh rupees. And, the whole journey lasts for 7nights and 8 days.

Palace On Wheels

True to its name, the palace on wheels, exhibits an extravagant decor attempting to recreate the grandiose of the bygone era. It has been voted the 4th best luxurious grain in the entire world and for the right reasons. It gives a trip to the entire city of Rajasthan and the key attraction of capital city of Delhi within 7 nights and 8 days. The fares are around 2 lakh rupees and the train operates from September to April. It’s 23 coaches are designed to reflect the royal aesthetics of Rajasthan. The Palace on wheels has served as an inspiration for the other luxury trains.

The Golden Chariot

Awarded with the title of “Asia’s leading luxury train” in 2013, the Golden Chariot gives a rich experience while taking you around the Southern part of the Indian subcontinent. With a royal colour scheme of purple and gold, the Golden Chariot, has 19 extravagant coaches. It is equipped with 2 restaurants, a lounge bar, ayurvedic spa facilities and a gym onboard. The decor recreates the aesthetics of the former dynasties of Southern India. The Golden Chariot offers 2 itineraries, namely, the Pride of South and the Splendour of South. Both the tours are planned within a span of 7 nights and 8 days. While the Pride of South covers several tourist attractions in Karnataka, the Splendour of South covers the south Indian states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. A voyage on this will shell about 3 lakh rupees from your pocket.

If your bank balance doesn’t let you bring your royal touring dreams come true in reality then you may stick to the good ol’ express trains. However, you can definitely add some oomph to your journey by ordering a selection of exciting dishes for your meals. No, not from the train pantry but from the websites and apps which allow travellers to choose their choice of food and deliver it on the train at selected stations. You can order your food from your smartphone even without an internet connections! So the next time you travel, order a grand meal to satisfy your luxury cravings.


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