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What are Some Mind Blowing Facts about the IRCTC?

By Posted on 3 m read

IRCTC is a subsidiary of Indian Railways and this subsidiary was setup to help people in booking the tickets. This was the main reason for setting up the IRCTC. Soon, IRCTC came up with a website which was available via link This website from IRCTC revolutionized the way people booked the tickets. For the first time in India, it was possible to book tickets via online method.

IRCTC made continues improvement to the website but the major one came recently when IRCTC decided to completely change the look and feel of the website. This was the time when they came up with the IRCTC Next Generation Website. With IRCTC Next Gen portal, IRCTC was successfully able to migrate the old IRCTC Login IDs to the new website.

This was some of the basic introduction to IRCTC. Now we are going to talk about some of the facts about IRCTC that can help you during the journey or while booking the tickets.

Facts about IRCTC:

1. You might be aware of the fact that since May 2010, it became possible for the people to book an air ticket with IRCTC. Do you also know that it is possible to book International as well as Domestic packages with IRCTC? These packages come with reliable service and affordable rates.

2. Apart from packages, there are other services that can be booked using IRCTC. These services include hotels, retiring room, and lounge, Cab, Wheel Chair, Food and even Bedroll. In an attempt to digitalize the service, more and more services are now being offered by IRCTC via the website.


3. IRCTC website is one of the most popular websites in India as over 12 Lakh hits come on IRCTC website. Moreover, on a daily basis, around 10 Lakh passengers just login to check the PNR of their booking. What more can you expect from a website?

4. IRCTC is also planning more innovation for the people. One such innovation was the launch of IRCTC e-Wallet which makes the booking ticket as well as refunds easy. You can get the refund of the ticket in a day and apart from this, IRCTC is also planning to come up with a new Payment Gateway so as to reduce the expenditure on third-party payment gateways. This will also increase the reliability of the website.

5. IRCTC also came up with Vikalp Scheme recently which offers you alternative options to travel in case the train gets cancelled or if your ticket is not confirmed till the last moment.

6. With the IRCTC Next Generation Portal, IRCTC also incorporated the use of Big Data as they now share the CNF Probability with you. This probability forecasts the chances of your ticket getting confirmed if you are booking a ticket in wait list and it helps you in making a decision as well.

 This was all about the IRCTC Next Gen and you can certainly use many such points to your advantage. This would help you in booking tickets and availing various facilities offered by the platform.


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