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What are the eligibility criteria for permanent Visa in Canada?

The term immigration means the movement of an individual or a group of individuals from their native country to a destination country either with the motive of settling down or for working. There are different reasons with every person who wants to settle abroad. There are people who just want to move to aforeign land for some education or research work also. Some people also prefer to move to other country for better business or job opportunities. Hence one has to seek permanent residency visa or work permit.

The immigrants do not have the citizenship of the destination country but can to stay as the permanent residents of the naturalized residents of the country. The permanent residency card allows a person to stay in a country of which he/she is not a citizen of, and the corned person can reside indefinitely one they have the card. Canada is one of the growing destinations in the country which is slowly growing prominence amongst the students, workers, and entrepreneurs of other countries.

Why is Canada perfect for the immigrants?

  • Canada is the fourth largest country in the world according to the total land area size. With its scarce population as compared to the area, Canada has a lot of space and job opportunities for people who want to come and settle in Canada.
  • Canada being one of the first world countries provides a first class lifestyle when it comes to education, social benefits, job opportunities,
  • Canada does not have strict rules when it comes to theimmigration of foreign citizens into the country like other first world countries.
  • The social and cultural scene in Canada is diverse, and there is no political unrest in the country thus making it a perfect place for the foreigners to settle in.

What are the different immigration programs in Canada?

To apply for immigration Australia permanent residency, there are few programs that one has to fall under. The permanent residency options are same for citizens coming from all over the world be it Australia or India.

  • Express Entry Program
  • Federal Skilled Workers program
  • Family Class Visa
  • Visitor Visa
  • Permanent Residency Canada
  • Family and Spouse Visa
  • Quebec-skilled workers visa
  • Provincial nominees program
  • Investors, Entrepreneurs, self-employed persons program
  • Canadian experience class program

What are the primary requirements?

For applying permanent visa, Australia, thecitizen has to be eligible and fulfill certain primary requirements. They are:

  • English Proficiency: A person has to be proficient in English and if possible then French to get a Visa in the country.
  • Education: There has to clear proofs of your educational qualifications as specified in the application.
  • Health and Character requirements: You must have a proper health record and a health insurance. You must not be a convict in your own country or charged with afelony.

Thus there are the programs and criteria that one has first sort out before carrying pout with the actual process of permanent resident visa.


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