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What Are the Rare Romania Tourist Attractions?

By Posted on 3 m read

Some of the biggest problems of Romania are that it does not know how to promote its valuable culture, tourist attractions, and heritage. Most of these are unique in Europe or even across the globe. From the planet’s northernmost subtropical forest to the deep underground attraction and well-preserved deltas of Europe, here are the things you can expect from Romania tourist attractions:

  • Sighisoara, Transylvania

You would not expect that the birthplace of Dracula was a fairytale to life. Yet, that is what it is, which includes colorful houses, narrow cobbled streets, and watchtowers. The beautiful Old Town is basically considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site that bursts with pretty Saxon and Gothic architecture. Sighisoara is a preserved medieval town that you will ever see.

  • Mud Volcanoes, Buzau

Located in Berca, it’s a small village in Romania’s county of Buzau, Mud Volcanoes are an exceptional sight, which resembles moon-like surface. It happens because of the underground gas eruptions and thanks to the unique plants found in this place and its peculiarity, the area’s now a protected geological and botanical reservation.

  • Danube Delta’s Letea Forest

Tucked amidst sand dunes between the Sulina and Chilia, Letea Forest isn’t only the oldest nature reserve in Romania, but also its considered as the northernmost subtropical forest across the globe. It’s a magical place in which the wild horses freely roam and where the century-old oak trees side by side with swinging orchids, water lilies, and lianas.

  • Statue of Decebalus

It is located near Orsova town and it’s the biggest rock sculpture across Europe. The monument basically depicts Dacia’s last king and this took a decade to complete. A big statue could be reached by boat, yet for the ones who are interested in admiring it from a far place, there is a small parking lot on the road where you could take and stop in the views.

  • The Sphinx in Bucegi Mountains

It’s known as the Romanian Sphinx, which is actually a natural formation of rock that looks like the Sphinx found in Giza. The peculiar shape of this megalith sits on the plateau with beautiful mountain views and may be reached through using a cable car from Busteni, a little alpine town on the Prahova Valley.

  • Danube Delta

It’s renowned as the home to over hundreds of bird species, fish, and broad expanse of the reed beds worldwide. This paradise for the wildlife lovers is the best and well-preserved in Romania and its natural ecosystems include everything from floating reed islets and marshes to sandy areas, forests, and lakes. The different flora and fauna is also unique in Europe and makes Danube Delta a good destination for those who love nature so much.

Exploring the rare Romania tourist attractions can make your experience incredible and enjoyable. That is why it’s always important to plan for everything for your itineraries in Romania. To get more information about travel in Romania please click here .

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