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Why Not Have a Different Kind of Holiday This Year?

Lots of people love to travel every year but the truth is that many people tend to go back to the same old places because it’s the easy and convenient thing to do. While this might seemingly be the safe option, it is also not what a holiday should be about. Yes, it’s always good to be able to go on holiday for the purposes of relaxation but exploring and discovering different things and different cultures is also a key part of what makes the best holidays so special and memorable!

Different Kind of Holiday

Holidays Are Not Just About Staying in Hotels

While it would be unfair to suggest that everyone has the same preferences when it comes to holiday destinations, it would certainly be fair to suggest that many people would love to do their holidays differently. Going to the same locations year after year may have some appeal but wouldn’t you love a holiday that combined stimulation, both mental and physical, with the opportunity to explore a different culture?

Get Out and Feel the Wind Through Your Hair!

Cycling has become a very popular activity for many people in recent years, whether as a casual weekend kind of event or as something more serious. A cycling holiday takes all of this one step further; it combines the stimulation of cycling with the sights, smells, and sounds of a memorable holiday destination.

If this sounds as if it would be a strange combination, bear in mind that some of the most memorable holidays that one can possibly experience are about discovering or engaging in something new. Such a holiday, in this vein, offers the following benefits:

  • Flexible: For anyone who lacks cycling experience, it may sound as if it is a scary proposition but the fact is that cycling around a place such as France or the Czech Republic is aimed at people of different skill levels, endurance, fitness, and experience. Indeed, cycling holidays can be tailored to suit just about anyone. This means that someone who desires a relaxing jaunt around the wine regions of France can cycle at his or her own pace and immerse himself or herself in the local culture. Likewise, someone who prefers a more physically vigorous challenge can have a holiday where cycling over difficult terrain is emphasised.
  • Cultural Immersion: Getting out on a bicycle and feeling the wind through one’s hair is not only a stimulating experience on many levels but also allows one to fully engage with the surrounding culture of the region. It is a far better way to experience a different culture than simply driving in a taxi or going on an organised coach trip.

If you are sick of the same kinds of holidays, why not check out something truly different? Cycling through one of any number of beautiful regions is engaging, stimulating, healthy, fun, and memorable!


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