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Why Taking a Budget Airline is cheaper and better than Using aTrain

There are a number of good reasons why trains are nowadays more expensive than aeroplanes. The journey times are much longer, which means that train companies must pay for the drivers, crew, station and signal staff for extra hours.

And after that you have the costs for all the infrastructure everywhere. The upkeep for train lines, signals and junctions can work out to be costly indeed, particularly where there are old lines.

  • All a plane has to do is fly through the air. Naturally,all aeroplanes must be maintained and given services and repairs, but then so do trains.

No Free Snacks

With regards to the plane, budget airlines like BMI are increasing their passenger usage by cutting ticket prices over the past 30 odd years. They also often fly to airports where the operating fees are cheaper, and don’t need so many staff on check-in desks and gates.

They also happen to have quicker turnaround times and nowadays even more seats in every plane to boost the number of passengers that they can fly.

  • A number of flights make food optional where you have to pay for your food on board and if you don’t want to eat, then that’s your choice.


Great Britain’s Train System Always Was Expensive

Anyone who travelled to Europe even going back 50 years or more came to realise one thing – the commuters in places like Germany, France, Italy and Spain all paid about a third as much as the commuters in London and the rest of the country.

Some people have suggested that the problems of railway fare hikes started back when the network was unpopularly privatised in the early 1990s. However, for those with a memory, it always was pricey.

The Truth of the Matter

In fact, research carried out by the Transport for Quality of Life mentioned that debt write offs, plus, legal and admin fees, and dividend payments to many private investors, all add up to over a £1bn in extra costs per annum!.

  • Now, with all of that going on behind the scenes, you don’t have to be a mathematician to fully comprehend why the price of rail travel is so excessive.

Getting Where You Want to Be and Using Your Time Wisely

If you have a lot of time, then it’s maybe a good idea to take trains (and good luck with the food!). But if your time is limited, you’ll want to be where you are heading for as long as possible if you’re holidaying, right?

The train can take you well over 5 hours to get you somewhere, that a plane will take one or under.

  • And when you’re heading over to the continent, that’s going to take a matter of days, when you include the Channel crossing and all.

Getting where you want to be in No Time at All and Refreshed

It’s as simple as that, ladies and gentleman – and enjoy your trip, whichever one you decide to take!


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